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Who we are?

Avior was founded by a group of aviation experts with a vision to create new standards in international trip support that focus on clients’ needs and expectations. Maintaining service excellence and striving to improve quality at everything we do define Avior.

At a Glance

Avior is a one-stop shop that handles all trip support needs and services.
There are lots of things to look at before, while and after flights. So Avior is here to take some hassle off operators and crews. Avior has its own local station managers at several locations in Africa and the Middle East in addition to a network of trusted suppliers worldwide. Avior is 24/7 multilingual staff.

Why Avior?

Avior is different in its perspective and vision. Avior sees itself as a natural extension of its partners (clients) and we therefore pay attention to every and each item or service, we don’t take things for granted and we afford the due care every time. And as much as we value our partners, we also value our suppliers and most importantly we value our own staff. What sets Avior apart from other competitors is our advanced expertise, our versified backgrounds, our deep understanding of client’s needs and our constant commitment to meet and go beyond client’s expectations. Give us a try and you will see for yourself!

Our values


We ensure quality at everything we do; we maintain quality at all times and we always aim to improve quality.


As a worldwide service provider serving international clients based located everywhere in the world, we appreciate differences in people’s attitudes, methods and backgrounds and therefore we ensure that our team is diverse.


We assess situations, take right decisions, behave in an ethical and honest manner, embrace responsibility of our actions and deliver. And we keep improving and learning….

Training and Development

We truly believe that delivering the right training and encouraging staff development is how high standards are maintained.


We do take all precautions to ensure that all our staff, passengers, crew members and the aircraft are safe at all times.


We care about the environment globally and locally. Therefore, Avior is committed to have the minimum negative effect on the environment and potentially lead a positive impact.


To provide high quality, cost-effective and reliable aviation services across the world.


To create new standards in aviation services that redefine the trip support business.


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